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With over 30 years of experience, we can provide any landscape maintenance service your property requires. Call for details.


Spring and Fall Clean Up

The change of seasons brings a touch of beauty to your outdoor space. Unfortunately, it also brings the need for yard clean up.


Our service includes leaf and debris removal from lawn and shrub areas. We also offer an initial cutting in the spring or final short cut in the fall. We keep your lawn beautiful all year.


Not sure what your lawn needs?

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Slit/Over Seeding

Is your lawn sparse and in need of stimulated growth? This treatment is recommended for lawns which have been neglected as well as those that have bare areas or are naturally thin. Just contact us to schedule a FREE consultation.

Core Aeration

Get more out of your fertilization with core aeration. We provide this service in order to promote new growth in your lawn.


It is recommended that this is done every year. This also helps in thatch reduction and aids in soil penetration of air, water and fertilizer. It reduces compaction and even stimulates new root growth.

Power Raking

We recommend power raking every other year to help reduce thatch build up and promote a more healthy and dense turf. Keeping a healthy level of thatch helps water, fertilizer and pest control products get to where they need to be, at the root zone.

Bush Trimming

Snow Removal

Just call when you want them trimmed or schedule in advance for proper trim time.

Remember last winter! Stay warm next winter. Let us do the shoveling for you.