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Fertilization and weed control

Enhance the health and appearance of your lawn with fertilization.

Our combination of granular feedings along with liquid applications of weed control mean the ultimate in turf grass care.

Your lawn will receive five applications of properly timed granular fertilizer. This will promote a thick and healthy turf. The first defense against unsightly weeds.


Our slow release granular fertilizer continues to feed the grass, weeks after it is applied, penetrating deep into the soil as needed.


Most liquid fertilizers release much faster, promoting excessive top growth rather than developing a deep root system. But at Dependable our granular fertilizer promotes a thick and healthy turf.


Free Monitoring and Call Backs: Our technicians check many lawns between applications and monitor pest activity by area. This means your lawn is actively monitored for potential problems. We also encourage you to be on the lookout.


There is no charge for service checks or re-treats for controllable weeds. In fact call us anytime you have a question.



Have questions about maintaining your yard

or garden?


We've got answers!

Crabgrass Control: Your first application will include pre-emergent crabgrass protection. This stops crabgrass before it ever shows up.


Broadleaf Weed Control: We will apply liquid applications of broadleaf weed control with each application. This will control dandelions, clover, and more than 40 other broadleaf weeds.


Protection from Damaging Insects: Protection from grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, and other damaging insects is available.


Professionalism: All of our technicians are fully trained. They are tested and

licensed through the State of Illinois.


Mowing and Watering Tips: Our technicians will advise you on proper mowing and watering needs for your lawn. If you are on our mowing program, relax it's already done for you. All you need to do is water as suggested with each application.